Slow-Mo Classic: New Perspective of Living

In recent years, cycling has become the sport under the spotlight. With the success of Hong Kong athletes in international competition like Lee Wai-sze snatching the bronze medal in the London Olympic Games, most of the people started to ride on the cycling hype train and see cycling as the go-to sport. But Man Lee, the founder of Slow-Mo Classic, has a different opinion on it.


Slow-Mo Classic is an organization that promotes the attitude of slow paced life through cycling within the city. Cycling is not solely about the speed; it is also about the attitude towards life. “While people can rush and exercise on their bikes with full gear, we can also slow down and ride freely in the city, without the need to blindly chase after the speed.” The emphasis on all of these, is to provide Hong Kong people with a different style of life, at a speed that people can actually look around and appreciate the community that they are living in.


Lee then further explained his observation on Hong Kong people’s lives, which included living in the cage and following paths that people set for them, just like how they routinely communting with the same routes every day. In Lee’s eyes, this is not how we should live. Therefore, he established the Slow-Mo Classic, trying to offer another perspective of life to Hong Kong people. He considers bicycle as a link between all the little pieces in life, and with it there will be a completely different portrait of the city.


Lee is ambitious, and he is not only here to organize cycling activities and bring people out to cycle around. He hopes this type of lifestyle can be treated as a kind of life philosophy, and a new way of how people view this world.


The following video is an interview on Lee, about how he sees cycling, and of course about Slow-Mo Classic.


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